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Cu Chi Tunnel - Cao Dai Tay Ninh One Day Tour from Ho Chi Minh City

Tay Ninh is home to the Cao Dai sect which is a new religion in Vietnam with around a million followers. Cu Chi tunnels with a system of tunnels combining to form an underground city during the American/ Vietnam War.
$36 USD


  • Visit The Great Holy See Temple
  • Attend the midday ceremony’s extravaganza of the Cao Dai followers
  • Explore the amazing tunnel where Viet Cong hide during the War
  • Enjoy tea and cassava (guerrilla’s food in war time)

The Great Holy See Temple, built in 1926, is considered one of the most striking structures in all of South-East Asia. It is the headquarters of the unique Cao Dai sect, a religion with a hybrid of Buddhism, Christianity & Confucianism. Above the entrance is the all-seeing holy eye – symbol of the sect.

You will attend the midday ceremony’s extravaganza to witness the daily mass held by the Cao Dai followers which is a fantastic experience. After lunch, proceed to Cu Chi to explore the amazing site where Viet Cong hid during the War. It is now a popular spot for both Vietnamese & foreign tourists - the network of over 200 km of tunnels became legendary when they played a vital role in the War. In their heyday, the tunnels were functioning underground cities including numerous trap doors, specially constructed living areas, storage facilities, weapons factories, field hospitals, command centers & kitchens. There is plenty of evidence of the fierce battle that took place here during the 1960s when Cu Chi was a "Free Target Zone".

You can watch a short introductory video showing how the tunnels were constructed before entering the tunnels. Spend the next hour exploring the tunnels. Afterwards, enjoy tea, cassava (guerrilla’s food in war time).

  • You should dress lightly and bring sun cream, insect repellent and bottled water
  • It is important to make sure that any of the fruit you taste has been washed in clean water first
  • Pick up from your hotel if located in District 01. Other district please kindly contact with us to set up the meeting point