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Although the Vietnam’s biggest New Year’s party is reserved for the Tết holiday in the first lunar month, Ho Chi Minh City still puts on a pretty good party for its Gregorian cousin. Let’s have a look at how you should say xin chào (hello) to a healthy and prosperous new year in style.
Vietnam may well be the home of timeless charm but Cambodia is the Kingdom of Wonder, and is tempting an increasing number of tourists to cross over the border and explore its less trodden trails. While Vietnam boasts a beauty of its own, here are some reasons why Cambodia rules.
The year is closing in and vacation enthusiasts around the world have made numerous travel plans for 2018, and they have expressed much bigger interest in Hanoi and Da Nang.
In terms of extreme sports, Vietnam’s scattered communities are still in their infancy. There’s some skateboarding, a few surfers and a devoted following of rock climbers, but not a whole lot else.
The truth is, Vietnam deserves a fairer look into its beauty than just a trip to Ha Long Bay, a bowl of noodle soup and a cup of coffee. The landscapes are majestic, the history and culture are fascinatingly rich, and the people are amazingly friendly.
Vietnam is known for its incredible coffee and is a strong exporter of it. It is no coincidence that you see a lot of coffee shops along many streets in Hoi An.